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Unique panorama of the city

Terrazza del Gianicolo, Roma, RM

The Gianicolo, considered the eighth hill of Rome, extends up to the Basilica of San Peter and is a pleasant place to walk, enjoying the extraordinary views of the city. Here the view is breathtaking: the view is lost on roofs, ancient ruins, monuments and baroque domes to touch the hills surrounding the city. It also became very popular for the important historical role it played in defending the city. After becoming the scene of the battle in which Garibaldi opposed the French troops, his summit is today full of sculptures in homage to the Italian patriot.

For art lovers we recommend the Tempietto of Bramante, perhaps the best example of Renaissance architecture in Rome, while for the naturalists a must is certainly the Botanical Garden, with over 8,000 species of plants. Every day, at the top of the hill, a singular cannon shoots at noon at noon. When the city is less noisy, especially in summer, the shot can be felt up to the Esquiline.

Beyond the gianicolensi walls we find Monteverde, a residential area full of elegant villas and elegant buildings where it is pleasant to take a walk. To the north of the neighborhood, together with Villa Sciarra, we remember Villa Doria Pamphilj, the largest public park in Rome. Splendid the Casino del Respiro, located in the middle of the park, surrounded by a citrus grove and well-kept Italian gardens.

Worth a visit, even for the view, especially at sunset is a very romantic place.

Not to be missed:

  • Acqua Paola Fountain


25 min.

How to reach

From our rooms in the center of Rome you can reach the Gianicolo hill with a walk in one of the most elegant areas of the city. Passing through San Peter square, continue towards Trastevere along the river. Take the steps of Via di Sant'Onofrio on your right and continue to climb the hill until you reach its summit. Continuing towards Monteverde you will find Villa Doria Pamphilj and Villa Sciarra.
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