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The Capitol

Seat of the Municipality of the city of Rome

Piazza del Campidoglio, 00186 Roma RM

It stands on the smallest of the seven hills of Rome, but not for this the least important, in history it was a main political and religious fulcrum, during the Republican period it housed several temples with a view of the Roman Forum.

After their collapse in the Middle Ages, the first palaces were built: Senatorium palace Now home to the offices of the Mayor of Rome and the two twin buildings: Conservatori's palace and new palace, today the Capitoline Museums.

Capitol square was designed by Michelangelo from 1537-39 and can be reached through an imposing staircase. The hill has a double summit, on the right side we find the medieval church of Santa Maria d'Aracoeli.

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64 S. Pietro › P.za Venezia

How to reach

Il Campidoglio
From our rooms in the center of Rome you can reach the Capitol on foot with a pleasant 40-minute walk to the historic city center. Cross Ponte Cavour and walk along Via del Corso, the famous shopping street, until you reach Piazza Venezia. You will find yourself in front of the majestic Altar of fatherland , on the right side of the building you will find the Capitoline Hill and the Santa Maria d'Aracoeli church.


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